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Inspection Services

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Visual Testing

Our visual testing services are conducted using climbing robot technology that provides remote access to view the interior tank surface. It captures high definition video footage to is used to identify surface cracks, fatigue or maintenance requirements. This robotic system replaces manual, visual inspections conducted by abseilers inside a tank. Our video footage provides an accurate assessment of the interior surface; allows playback for reassessing potential problems; and removes the potential for human error.

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Design Verification

Our experienced engineering team designs stainless steel tanks and vessels to meet the storage and processing requirements of many industries. Furphy Engineering’s design verification process is just one of our ISO9001 quality management systems that ensures your tank design meets our exacting standards; verifying all design specifications, including compliance with the relevant Australian and International Standards.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

On-site Tank Assessments

Furphy Engineering’s expert team is available for a range of on-site tank assessments. Our engineers deliver testing options for problem resolution or preventative maintenance programs. We offer life cycle assessments to prolong the service life of your asset, provide advice for changing the products that are stored or processed within an existing tank and specify the actions required to relocate tanks within or across sites.

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