RoboticTank Inspection Video

Stainless Steel Tanks Inspections

Increase safety, reduce risk & improve the accuracy of tank inspections with climbing robot technology that provides remote access, to view the interior surface of your tank.

Stainless Steel Tanks Inspections

It captures high definition video to identify surface cracks or signs of fatigue. This climbing robot delivers preventative maintenance checks to prolong the life of your asset.

Baghouse Video HD

Stainless Steel Vessels Suppliers

At Furphy Engineering our team of designers, stainless steel craftsmen and engineers not only ensure the tanks & vessels we manufacture are world class, we meticulously plan the transportation to your site for installation.


This video shows how we transport a Baghouse Filter Vessel that is 16 metres tall, 6 metres in diameter, weighs 19 tonnes and features exacting dimensional requirements to remove very fine particulates from the exhaust stream in milk powder dryers.

Workshop Expansion Project Video

roof construction

As we continue to deliver Australian designed and manufactured stainless steel tanks to local industries, our Shepparton plant undergoes continual upgrades to plant and equipment.

roof expansion

This video shows the dismantling of a workshop shed to make way for the new construction of an expanded main assembly hall for the manufacture of our stainless steel tanks and vessels.