Stainless Steel Tanks

Case Studies

Petrochemical Industry

Converting to Stainless Steel This case study outlines the conversion from Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel tanks in the petrochemical/fuel industry. As customers search for cost efficiencies on capital expenditure projects, Stainless Steel is delivering long-term benefits.

Brewing Tanks
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Brewing Industry

James Boag – Furphy’s supplied 10 x 2, 50 hectolitre stainless steel fermentation vessels to the James Boag brewery in Launceston, over a 5-year period. Here is the story of the project.

Stainless Steel Tanks
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Chemical Industry

Stainless Steel for flammable chemical storage. This Case Study reviews the design considerations for 140,000 litre tanks with access systems, manufactured to work within a bunded area.

stainless steel tanks manufacturers
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Invert Robotics

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